About this site

What is IRateMyDay.com?

This site tries to understand one of the greatest mysteries of human being: feelings. Each day, we experience a variety of feelings; sometimes good, sometimes bad. We try to share them with people who surround us, but that is often difficult.

IRateMyDay allows you to share your feelings with the rest of the World in total simplicity! Each time you rate your day, you bring your salt grain to a global vision of the human feeling.

A fun micro-blogging service!

IRateMyDay is a micro-blogging service. Our site allows you to write comments about your feelings, but those must remain brief. Short entries is what micro-blogging is all about!

The principal objective of IRateMyDay remains the potential quantification of feelings and to offer a visual representation of it.

Who creates this site?

We are a small company called D2Soft Technologies.

How can I support the site?

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